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All you need to know about LinkedIn Company Page

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People have always been interested in what is there "behind the scenes" of a brand. Therefore there is no better place than Linkedin to do that.

Why create a LinkedIn Business Account

LinkedIn is a social media platform like no other. If a person logins here, their mindset is ready to consume information about the business, their colleague's success, and anything that would benefit their career.

The same is practical about LinkedIn Business Page: any of your visitors are might be interested in news, latest releases, or any other updates about your company. That is why this professional digital circle can bring you the following:

  • Investors relationship.

  • Business development goals.

  • Attracting new and supporting existing clients.

  • Interacting with potential employees.

  • Media mentioning.

  • Increasing overall brand awareness and website traffic.

Linkedin Company Page is a free tool on the global online platform with most represented professionals from Europe and 56% male and 44% female ads audience (Datareportal, 2019).

The Linkedin Business page will increase your online presence and may lead to new opportunities. This social network has been built for that.

Important sections to fill on Linkedin Company Page

To start, you can flow through the social media scenario "as it goes." Instead, the guide from the inventors can be helpful also. Filling up necessary information like logo, size, and profile detail is straightforward and user-friendly.

Header & Slogan

Logo and brand messages are standard pieces of business. While adding these elements, work with designers and marketers to make sure it is applicable for LinkedIn. You can also catch visitors' attention with the GIF header, as it is the first element they will see on the page.


Give the readers reasons to follow you: explain how your product and services can benefit the community. I would kindly recommend adjusting the company overview to make it clear, professional enough, and concise. Everyone will help if you add a creative and compelling copy about how it all has been started.

The fundamental thing to keep in mind: with all of the tools, your task is to adapt your business story to the Linkedin page.

News & Updates

Make sure your Linkedin Company Page has its frequency and relevancy on the newsfeed. No need to post anything; however, regular updates will create an image of an active company.

Owner's verification

It is important to click on the button with verification as to proof of authorized representative. If your employee registers a page for a brand, make sure you have editors' rights to it.

Good Examples for your Linkedin Business inspiration

Are you struggling with where to start with your online presence at Linkedin? Here are seven good examples of what a company can look like on this social media.

  1. TopTal // Recrutting

  2. N26 // Banking

  3. Glovo // Food

  4. Avanade // IT services

  5. Forrester // Research & Consulting

  6. Lilium // Aviation & Transport

  7. Bryter // IT technologies

Directly or not, people may find you online, including Linkedin presence. Your goal to make the company page as attractive as possible. That is why social media offers a variety of forms, types of info, and content.

It is time to build a brand's credibility!

Let me know how your experience with Linkedin Business pages was?

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