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Impact business marketing: Instagram content strategy

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There are cruel businesses, full of hectic environment that brings only damage to this planet. However, there are unique companies with not only for-profit goals. Many researchers call the "impact businesses," one of which is Impact Berry. At first glance, it has coffee packages. When you dive deep into the organization, you can see that founders are also doing fantastic by saving our planet.

About The Client:

Impact Berry is a Hong Kong-based coffee drinking brand with core values of sustainability and local community development.

The founders believe that every business should use its product or service as a tool to provide high-quality products and support, educate, and nurture local neighborhoods as the company wants to promote its vision of wise consumption and the Asian way of coffee drinking.

To do that, they send money from each purchase to local communities. That is why people in Lombok can have clean water or English classes.

content marketing for coffee company

The Goal:

  • Grow following as well as engagement.

  • Redefine and repurpose content for the coffee company.

  • Educate fans about wise coffee culture.

  • Promote and motivate fans to care more about social and impactful initiatives.

Newsfeed after redefining work with pictures

Content Strategy for Impact Business:

  • Create content with a focus on education, entertaining, and selling.

  • Boost activity and engagement in the account.

  • Research and implement new tactics to gain new audiences.

The Target Audience: They are women and men who appreciate living their lives with high quality in everything. They chose to live healthy, happy, and with a more meaningful approach. They are coffee lovers that care about an eco-friendly and supportive environment.

The results:

  • Established a more bright and cheerful newsfeed with warm colors connected to the brand materials.

  • Created a variety of content: carrousels, videos, reels, guides.

  • Supported IB in being a local, trusted leader and expert in the food and beverage industry: content from events, stories, and posts about sustainability, recipes of how to consume the product at home or on the go.

  • +13% in Engagement with posts

  • +80% Reach growth for first two month

coffee mug
Essential numbers of one of the post in the process of content recreation

Client's quote:

Sandra has been a quick learner with the totally new domain - sustainable third coffee wave business. That is why we liked her fresh strategic Instagram audit, competitor analysis, and engagement roadmap creation. It was a true surprise and relief to outsource our content creation to a consistent and ideas generator specialist.

Working together has been great for us to realize how mature we are in marketing and how many ideas we can implement in the future.

Sonja Debus and Timo Juritsch from Impact Berry.

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